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Samantha, just Samantha

You know, you must be crazy to ask me about myself. *more later*

I friend people because I want to read what they've got to say. I've gotten to know a couple people solely through LJ, and I really enjoy getting to know people, even if it just through the occasional comment in each other's journal. Just because you aren't currently on my list doesn't mean I don't necessarily want to read though... I am certainly not an elitist. There are simply too many journals out there for me to get all the good ones. So if you like what you see here, think we might get along, or you talk incessantly about one of my many fandoms, friend me so I know you're out there... or just comment!! I am a comment whore in the worst possible way... I squee with delight (literally squee, even at work checking my blog on my lunch break) at every comment that comes my way (and I'm more likely to comment back with positive reinforcements!)
On my privacy levels, well, for the most part I don't have any. My journal is public, and only on rare occasion where I feel the need to scream and shout and throw a hissy fit do I do it behind closed doors. Though you should know I am at my funniest when I'm slightly peeved and my sarcastic self comes out in full force, so the hissy fits are the best reads.

Dude, way too many to list them all here... but give me time and I will...

On a side note, there is also my little project I'm working on, my fandom buttons o'pride, which are kind of like LJ icons and kinda like small banners, but not, because they're all me... I'll post some up in the near future.

This is where I will put all the random crap I can't think of to put anywhere else or when I'm too exhausted to not make a new banner when I should. Yeah.

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