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*whew* Well, lets just say I started my day at midnight, and shortly after midnight I began reading Eragon by Christopher Paolini. I stayed up for three hours, knowing full well I had to be up at six and out of the house by seven. Seven AM!?!?!? Yes I even volunteered to get up that early!! I joined my mother for her last meeting at the International Conference of Meat Science and Technology, this year being held at the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. So my wee hours were spent walking in the already blistering heat around a very shut down harbor! But never fear! Barnes and Noble was near! and open at eight! Oh, and what a pleasure a two story Barnes and Noble is! My mother and I also took the time to have breakfast and lunch together in downtown Baltimore... Breakfast began the day with crabmeat eggs benedict, which wasn't half bad at all, and loads of crab. We stayed away from seafood for lunch thankfully, as we headed across the street to a bonifide "Little Italy" and enjoyed blue bread and green pasta. Yup, the colors are correct, and I'm not color blind!! *at least I think I'm not!* I thought at first the bread might have been a variation on a blueberry muffin, but we were wrong; not a hint of blueberry anywhere. My closest guess is like a black olive muffinesque bread, but it definately had that blueberry muffin hint o'blue. And then for lunch we had a very delicious Cheese Ravioli in pesto cream sauce. Ah, decidence at its greatest! I love, LOVE, pesto, especially in this luscious cream, and the Ricotta cheese was just the perfect consistancy to melt in the mouth, but still provide a different texture than the silky pesto cream sauce. Magnifique! And with that I returned home. But the day has sooo not finished. I ended up having my first AMUN fellow staffer visit my house today! It may not be terribly much, but given that I live furthest away of all the DC staffers, no one has ever made it to my house, and even if I could host a party there, not many could even make it because they don't have cars, or they don't want to spend the fifty minutes making it out to BWI, which is totally understandable. So I was a wee bit delighted to have someone visit it, if anything, to prove it exists. Call me nuts, but it floated my boat. Rudy came by to patch up her Adobe Creative Suite with my discs, and so an AMUN staffer got to meet the absolutely adorable love of my life Cocoa!! *still squeeing a bit inside at it and yes, I can be very silleh!* So naturally I had to clean the remains of not one hastily put together birthday party, but two! As last night we held a birthday party for my mom before my sister left for Michigan today. She doesn't return till Tuesday, but by then pops is gone, so it was the last time in maybe a month that the four of us were together. Anyways, back to my day... Rudy goes back home, and I thought I had the time to myself... but not an hour passes that my parents totally intruded on my braindead time, and I was volunteered to drive a second car to pick up a new laundry dryer!!! Apparently at seven this evening Sears called to note that the dryer that they were supposed to deliver tomorrow will not be arriving until the 22nd of August!! This drove my parents up the wall, and they promptly cancelled the order with Sears and found a Lowe's that carried the same make and model *and the all important color!!* But as Lowe's couldn't deliver, my father was determined not to wait past tomorrow to end the squeeling and squeaking that the old dryer made and prevented us from even hearing what was in our own heads. So he drove us out to Glen Burnie, and we loaded a new dryer and a drawer pedistal into our Acura MDX and our Honda Accord, and drove it home. Could dad wait until tomorrow to install the SOB dryer? Of course not, so the two of us are sitting in our garage, sweltering from the heat, while my mother is inside making a toxic combination of amonia and something else to clean the floor which the old dryer had stood *which was totally disgusting... grime and dirt everywhere, and that was all from the machines!*It was only after 10 that it was up on the pedistal, moved into place, and connected that my day could finally see some rest... But somewhere in the middle we forgot about dinner... I think we fed the dog though! *crazyrantingsigh* Oh, and as of midight tonight I am officially half way through Eragon I seriously think I will be finished with it tomorrow, and I shall comment then on the heavy *SUPERWEIGHT* influences Tolkien had, and how the book just is seeping with connections to Tolkien's works.
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