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I've Finished!!

I have finally completed Children of the Mind being the fourth and last of the Ender Series (well the half dealing with Ender Wiggin himself and not Bean his "shadow") via audiobook. According to calculations, I have dedicated over 58 hours to the listening of the life of Ender Wiggin, the Xenocide and the Speaker for the Dead, and alas it is over *sigh*... its a bit awkward, as I've had these books on my ipod for nearly a month (when I downloaded the first book, Ender's Game) and they have been a big part of my life, listening to them when I can, while cleaning up at work or doing menial tasks, usually falling asleep to the story. I can't move on to Ender's Shadow, the first part of the "Shadow" series of the Ender Saga, as Audible hasn't come out with it, but this is at least a good break, as Ender's Shadow begins once again on Earth. While it is supposed to chronicle the same events as Ender's Game the other three in the series do not mirror the events on Lusitania, the Brazilian colony on which the other three books take place. The looming fear of the "little doctor", or a much more powerful weapon than the atomic bomb, of being targed at the rebellious colony by the World Congress has come to a finale. The fate of Jane has been decided, and the fate of even Human and the Hive Queen has settled. This is a good breaking point for the story, and once Audible comes out with Ender's Shadow (which I hope isn't too long, but the CDs were only due out on the first of August of this year) then I'll happily pick up the story of Ender and Bean and Peter Wiggin and the beginning of the Hundred Worlds once again.

So what am I going to work on next? I've still got quite a bit of time to work on Moby Dick, which now I hope to complete before the end of August (but I'm not holding my breath!). These are the books I want to complete though this month:
1. Moby Dick~Herman Melville
2. Eragon~Christopher Paolini
2. Chronicles of Narnia~C.S. Lewis (okay, maybe not by the end of August, but all of them again before The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe comes out in Theatres. I finished the Chronicles the first time in Budapest in three days while getting over food poisoning or a really bad food allergy from Slovakia (when we had lunch in Bratislava)... and I definately want to reread them again! I'm also having my mother read them, that is if she ever finishes Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!!!
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