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*sleepysigh* yeah, I did have some things running through my mind to update on, but I've decided not to in the name of decency... *sigh*
so in the name of randomness, here are a few things I've been pondering:

1. where the heck can I see a full marathon of "West Wing" and more specifically where can I find out who the heck was shot on the show at two in the morning last night!?!?!?!?! I don't know anything about which episodes go which season or anything!!

2. So I've got some fabulous people on my friends list, though I've totally not seen anything on there about THE RELEASE OF LOST: SEASON ONE ON DVD!!!! on September 6th of this year. Come on folks!! You're the ones I rely on to finally get to watch the series!!! For months and months its always "Lost" this and "Lost" that, and I've always wanted to catch into the show from the beginning!! My only "Lost" news comes from supercool supertrink and amazing eryncalen. Can it be that I scooped 'em on the TV Show on DVD release of the year!?!?!! But now I'm superlooking forward to September 6 and that weekend so I can finally see the awesomeness that is supposed to be "Lost."

3. I don't want to do work today Its the first day of my period, and I'm staying home to clean, clean, clean, and then do some laundry... I feel like crap with cramps and I have this zit right at the peak of my cheek, so I can totally see it!! eeewww!! but at least now I know why i've been craving every sweet under the sun the past five days... the need for chocolate is gone thank goodness...</whine>

4. I might have more to whine and complain on, but i'm totally braindead
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