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So, I did pull out my camera and took a bit o'pictures of our supergeek Rainbow Brite party, part deux, post The Lion King

My Dad playing with the cheesy paper blower thingehs... my sister called it "blowing Rainbow Brite" when she responded to my mention that Mum and Dad were in the back seat and they could make out while I was driving... Kat was like, "Why would he want to? He's already blown rainbow brite!" (total guttermind she is!!!!)

Then I got some snaps of Kat in her pride and joy, her Rainbow Brite Color Belt!!

and a close up of the belt itself:

and Kat excited about her belt!

and finally a couple snaps of the table and some people at it *weee*

In this shot above, the plate and cup is visible, though at the reduced size you might not be able to see it... but you can definately see Kat enjoying dessert!!

OOH, I almost forgot Cocoa also got to enjoy some dessert goodness!!

Cocoa loves these... they're called "Frosty Paws" actual ice cream designed for dogs, in either the peanut butter flavor or bone flavored. She loves them both, and she loves peanuts too!!! peanut hound she is!

So, we went to see The Lion King in the theatre, and it was pretty darned cool. The costumes were fantastic, especially the elephants, giraffes, and the hyenas... it was definately an interesting interpretation, the movements and the dancing... the dancing was much less normal musical theatre, but every once in a while they inserted human dancers as humans to bring out the "African Spirit" rather than just the animals. My sister was the one person above all who was singing along and quoting lines throughout the play, given that she bitches me out all the time for doing the same thing to movies in our own house!! But she did confide that she really really liked this evening and her birthday party, so *squeee* for me!
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