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first time today!!

This should be noted in the record books... I didn't go near my computer today at all till 5:45 tonight!! My parents and I left out early today to Marley Station Mall to shop for a new laundry dryer. While they were mentally beating up the poor aged salesman with their wit and smartalickeyness, I ran about the mall getting a few items for my sister! I first went to Godiva chocolate and got her three chocolate strawberries and a little package of dark chocolate gonosh, but the strawberries wouldn't be made for half an hour, so it gave me time to head over to hot topic and hopefully find something for Kat there to fit with the theme of Rainbow Brite. I left there with only a pair of rainbowed shoe strings, which turned out great as wrappers on a jewelry box. Then I went to spencers hopefully to find a rainbow belt, and I actually found one!! I needed one for kat because I actually made her a Rainbow Belt from the series. I took some cardboard and cut out the star and rainbow and painted it the exact colors. She loved it *whoohoo!* Then I took some me time and had some pretzel bites before going to the candy store and getting her dark chocolate non-perils, along with some licorice bites and burnt candy peanuts for my mom, getting out of the store just as my parents were walking past... we picked up the chocolate from Godiva (just literally handing the bag to me as we walk past) and got our watches some new batteries before heading back... Then we went to Walmart to pick up a few items, and I went in search of a cool jewelry box (the one I picked was pink and orange! No wrapping needed!! and anything else I could find Rainbow Brite... I only got the jewelry box and yellow plasticwear. Then I had to go to hallmark to get baloons, gift bags, wrapping paper, and the like... I got her 12 baloons, two of each color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Lets just say, she would be happy any day that she gets baloons... they're her favorite. But then that only gave me two hours to actually make the rainbow belt, set the table with all the really cool yet totally geeky rainbow brite cups, napkins, plates, and tablecloth (not to mention candy bags and blow thingehs!) and then go order dinner out and picke it up all before she got home from work! *whew* but it was worth it, because she was just tickled pink about it... the first thing she did when she saw the layout was squeee at the rainbow belt and actually put it on! *squeee that she liked it!!* and while she was in the front room waiting to be allowed in for dinner, she was quietly asking in that puppy begging tone of hers "Did I get any baloons?" and I just died laughing silently given that I had 12 very vivid baloons hanging from the table chairs. She was also glad we decided to order for her when we went out to our local italian joint, as I got her fetuccini alfredo with chicken and a boatload of mushrooms, just as she likes it. This is fortunately been a highlight for her given her crappy day... last night she spent the night at her boyfriends, and as he was about to leave this morning, she was like "aren't you at least going to wish me a happy birthday?" and he's like "oh, yeah...Consider it said." What the fuck!! *enter sister's righteous anger at Kat's boyfriend!* Kat is the type of gal that needs a very emotionally in tune guy, but to have her boyfriend just not even care to recognize her birthday sucks ass!! he can be such an asshole like all of the time!!! and then, then her little self-centered ninety pound little twig of a friend calls, and left her a message today "Hi, haven't talked to you in a while, just wondering when you wanted to hang out!" What the fuck all over again!!! She dares to call on her birthday, being one of Kat's best friends, and she also forgets! The nerve *growls* I honestly think that if we hadn't put in all day to put this together kat would be really annoyed... Only Meghan, her best friend remembered, and thank goodness she did. And we leave now in about thirty minutes to go see The Lion King at the France-Merrack Performing Arts Center in Baltimore... If I'm lucky I might swipe a shot of Kat in her rainbow belt for ya'lls.
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