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PMS Rage and Closed Roads...

So tomorrow is my sister Kathryn's birthday, and she's pissed royally that none of her friends have remembered it *again*. But to top this righteous anger, she is suffering PMS Rage because she just changed over to a new birth control patch. And I mean she is totally off the wall. She called me today while I was at work to bitch me out because Panera Bread didn't have her soup today, and she was told yesterday that they didn't have it so they should have had it today. But when planning her birthday evening party for tomorrow night, she gets all gloomy and just says "I don't care" in that monotone sigh. No matter what we try we can't get her to cool down and get excited a bit for her 22nd birthday... and I've got such a plan for her!! I decided to go geeky retro (since tomorrow night is family only) and I purchased a full layout for the dining room in none other than Rainbow Brite! I mean I got the napkins, the two different size plates, the cupts (including four quasi plastic ones that should last a few washings, as well as the normal paper ones) I even got the cheesy noise maker and the candy bags, not to mention the table cloth and the "Happy Birthday" sign... its going to be soooo geeky cool! We also got her cake tonight, half cookies and cream ice cream half vanilla cake. And for dinner tomorrow, I'm going to pick up Remomo's (the local Italian joint down at the Arundel Mills mall with the best alfredo I've had in forever, and apparently pretty good lasagna!) to eat in. Why aren't we going out? Because we are going to see The Lion King the Play at the Hippodrome in Baltimore tomorrow night. But its not for her birthday that we are going to see it, its actually for my mom's, which is in about a week and a half. But apparently the only good night we could have gotten good seated tickets before dad goes to Canada for over a month and then the play closes. So we originally planned to do something on Saturday night, but Kat insisted that we keep saturday open for her to spend time with her friends for her birthday, the same friends that have totally forgotten about her birthday and don't care enough to do anything for her at all *psssshhhtt*. So we all made plans for saturday... my parents are supposedly off to a football game, and I'm going to a Crabfest and photoshoot for AMUN. So now Kat wants to go to dinner on Saturday, but it can't be with the family because I'm not around, and I work a shift until 8:30 on sunday which is too late for my dad... so Kat is pissed some more... we just can't do anything to please her or cheer her up, and its getting on my last nerve...
So, given that we are going to see The Lion King tomorrow night in the heart of downtown Baltimore, mum and I made the wise choice to do a test run driving into town. And man was it a good choice! Every other road on our directions was closed or changed direction so it was the wrong way one way direction. Plus I modified the directions a little bit, so its good that I knew whether to make a right onto Pratt St. or make a left on Lombard from Chase St, which was never on the map to begin with. We also took the ride up right before the Thursday night play, which started at the same time, so we could see the actual driving flow, and notice which parking lots were still empty and which ones were delayingly full. So we planned our route and our parking spot, and even how to one way street it back out of town! *kudos to mum and me!* Now all we have to get through is dinner tomorrow and Kats horrible hormonal reactions till the end of the play... this is not going to be a fun weekend *sigh*
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