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feeling a wee bit creative...

so today I went for a walk with my mom only to hit the corner of my court and find this perty little purple flower all alone, and it hit me to take a picture or two... so I ran back to the house, gathered my camera, and shot some pictures around the neighborhood... Most didn't turn out, but a few came out somewhat decently, and they're below...
Also, I finally put together two of the icons I had the idea for back in Atlanta... all of the letters are gummy letters believe it or not, placed on plates at satellitesoul's place, though the idea came up while I was touring the Atlanta Underground with wayfindr. I've turned them both into LJ Icons, though the second had to be optimized a bit to get under the 40kb limit, distorting only the T a bit...
the icons:

Bas, satellitesoul's cat, taken while taking a nap!

The single flower was the inspiration, though the threeset behind the fence seemed to come out better.

these two mailboxes struck me in that rustic sort of way, similarly to the white fence and the purple flowers. The first has flowers intentionally around it for effect. The second didn't intend at all for flowers to be around it, yet as unwanted as weeds are, it charms up the mailbox none the less..

anyhoo, I thought they were a bit charming anyways...
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