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updates, movies, and cops oh my!

*whew* well, I've finally put together the first part *of four* of my user info, including the graphics *yeah me!* I'll eventually get to the other three sections, but for tonight one is good enough!
So, I went out with ilestunfee finally tonight, though a little delayed than originally thought. We originally planned for an 8pm film of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but as I was on the road there he gave me a call to let me know he wouldn't make the 8 o'clock. So, I get to Columbia Mall and sit in Starbucks for about an hour, spilling chocolate from my drink nicely right on my shirt, and listening to Moby Dick... We had a bit o'dinner and hit the 10pm showing... all in all, it was odd, but then most of Raold Dahl's works are pretty odd and dark, but amusing none the less. Johnny Depp still creeps me out though.
So then I begin my drive home, only to notice about a 1/3 of the way there I've picked up a cop behind me... damn if he didn't follow right on my ass pacing me. He was so close to my bumper that I could not see his headlights, and the only way I could tell it was a cop was from the car behind him, his headlights reflecting blue and red above the cop car... The cops paced me nearly ten miles, I'm sure just begging for a reason to stop me... at one point I noticed the cops turned on their inside lights, illuminating their blue uniforms. They were probably checking the database for my plates to see if the car was stolen, or cross referencing the owners of the car (namely my father and I) to see if we had any warrants against us... The entire time I'm going exactly the speed limit if not a bit below, only listening to Moby Dick (so that I wasn't blasting anything they could here) and hyperventilating the entire time, my heart racing... I was just waiting for them to turn on the lights, pull me over, hand me whatever ticket they desired, and got on their way. Yeah, ten miles going about 35mph is a long time! I have no doubt in my mind they were just begging for me to give them something to ticket me on. I have no doubt they are coming close to their quota time limit, and need some extra tickets before the end of the month... all I can say is thank goodness I spotted them and kept my car's ass under control...*sigh* they can be really scary, especially when you are a paranoid anxious person who doesn't like to get in trouble...
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