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DAMMIT ALL TO HELL!!! now of course I finished Xenocide today (about ten minutes ago on the road home) but the story isn't done!! It turns out the story is actually one of a two parter with Children of the Mind which I wasn't intending to start till after Moby Dick!!! Now I'm torn between keeping my committment to finish Moby Dick by the end of July, or skipping it till August and listening to Children of the Mind... I already own it, though I have yet to download it *sigh*... I think though that a month of living in the Ender Universe can take a week break or so for me to listen to Moby Dick... as it is I'm already a 1/5 of the way through the book, so relistening to it will be easier (doing more tasks that require some sort of attention) and I do actually want to listen to it very much (as well as actually keep my intentioned to-do list from earlier... *sigh* I think I must read Moby Dick and Children of the Mind will come as a reward for listening to Moby Dick and reading Eragon before the release of Eldest on August 23... *sigh*
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