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yes, sadly even I have it... Do I use it? No, but it does have its advantages... Two college mates have actually found me via MySpace, thus validating my need to keep it, even if its going to just sit there most of the time. So I decided that I could waste time by updating its layout a bit, adding actual information about me *gasp*... I've even brought up my friends count to eight. Now I'm not the type of person who just randomly adds people, nor am I likely to allow them to add me if I don't have some clue who they are... so outside of "Tom" the owner of MySpace, the seven other people there are actual souls I've known before MySpace... but of those seven, it turns out I'm only about five off from topping my sister's friend count of twelve *plus Tom makes thirteen* so I'm almost curious to see if I can actually top the friend count of someone who actually participates on MySpace on a consistent basis... so if anyone reading this has a MySpace *and I actually know you, or at least mention in a message you got this from my LJ) Friend me to see if I can top it!
EDIT: my MySpace account is: samantilles.
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