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more randomness I planned at one point to put in my journal, and its just coming into my head now...

more, more on what I've just noted... I've also noticed a bit of silliness/stupidity around me recently... now I am far from the person to call people stupid; its a name I've endured since I was a child too often. After a while you even begin to believe it, especially when one of your college professors sit you down in thier office and tell you that the university is robbing your parents of money taking your tuition money and allowing you to attend school when they will have no intention of ever letting you graduate with a degree, or that you are mentally incapable of handling the material of his class, and wondering how you ever made it past high school... but onto the point...
I went to Friendly's the other night because my mother was craving hotdogs... I can understand it, I crave them every once in a while as well... and Friendly's has a fabulous hotdog... its not necessarily the frank that makes it good, but its hard to find bun, which isn't crusted around on all sides like most, but more simmilar to sides of toast on each side, folded into three ways to cover the hotdog around... I would be in heaven if I could by those buns by the dozen at the local supermarket, I really would... anyways, we don't like going to Friendly's because of their particularly horrid service... most Friendly's I've been to have pretty bad service, but this one really tops the cake. So I always order To-Go to not have to deal with the wait staff... So I drive down and make the order of one platter (hotdog and fries) and a second hotdog... and the manager, who was taking the order was literally (not like, literally) "You want the bun with that?" and I'm like "WTF? want the bun?"
"Do you want the bread with the hotdog?"
"um, doesn't it come with the bread?"
"of course not, you have to order that separately."
mentally "What the fuck!??!?!?" "what?"
"We can charge you for the hot dog, but not the bread. You have to buy platter to get the bread."
(getting a little steamed) "I just want two hotdogs with the bread, two full hotdogs and one order of fries, thats it."
"We can't do that, I can't charge you for the bread."
"You've done it before! The lady that normally works here just adds "extra frank" to the bill, and has never told me it didn't come with bread"
"All right, we'll add the bread for you, since its been done before."
(mentally again) "yeah right, or was this some sort of way to force me to order a second order of fries...?"

So I paid the man, recieved my two hotdogs and fries, and went home... My mother and I each took one hotdog and split the fries, as it was certainly more than enough for the two of us, but I really must ask myself, who actually orders a hotdog without the bread? and then get charged three bucks for it? No Bread? Ordering the hotdog without bread (with the platter that is) isn't even an option on the menu... I am hardpressed to consider whether the guy was a total moron, and actually believed that when someone ordered a hotdog, they naturally didn't want the bread to go with it, or was just trying to get me to order two platters and give me what I didn't want... either way, his arguing with me over whether I wanted bread on a three buck hotdog or not just irritated the crap out of me, and awesome bread or not (mind you that was the reason I chose this hotdog over others) it just makes me want to patronize them even less...

On a totally second random note, LJ users, did you realize there was a comment character limit?? You can only input 4300 characters per comment!! I went over while responding to ladtcatastrophe and had to split up my comment in two comments so it would fit... I had 5193 characters I wanted to express... *sigh* I never thought I would break that limit! I didn't even know there was a limit! *sigh*
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