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another book out of the way...

I have just finished H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, and am now crossing it off my list of "to read" in the column to your right. In short, I found the novel to be quite long, despite its 115 page count. While the future is very vividly drawn out by Wells, the story seemed without great character development. Weena, the Eloi girl that falls in love with the Time Traveller, seems the most developed of all, though she does little more than dance in the sunlight and make flower necklaces. The Morlocks, the villianous under-earthlings who eat the Eloi, left much to be desired. I expected a greater enemy in the Morlocks than I recieved, and in that I was quite disappointed. Wells let the world of the future without an intelligent species, though I expected the Morlocks to have the intelligence, if they did not have the beauty of the eloi. I was disappointed in the fact that no intelligent life lived on in the future, and it deprived the story of a truly great villian. I was also confused as to the role of the narrator. Most of the time the narrator was the time traveller, who was telling the story to a group of colleagues. The Second narrator is an unidentified visitor and listener to the tale, but while most of the listeners were identified "The Medical Man" or "The Editor", the narrator was without a position, and hence a reason to be included and exclusively invited to both the meetings with the time traveller. Perhaps after I mull over the book a bit I might feel better for it, but all in all I was left rather lacking, and perhaps I expected too much from the movie version, though it has been many years since I have seen it.
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