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wee update

well, most of this past week I've been alone in my house, just me and my dog. My mother went out to New Orleans (in July heat and humidity? pssshhhtt) and my father is in Ottawa, Canada, on and off for the next six months while they are in the final phases of pre-census. *sigh* anyways,

So I went out to dinner with the DC AMUN crowd for MB's birthday, and it was quite funny to have Stacy waiting for me to show up, having saved me a seat next to her so she could tell me about her starting Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince just two hours earlier. Mind you with only having had the book for two hours, she was already 192 pages into it! I teased her about leaving the book on the floor instead of reading it on the table with guests, though when we were on the metro going back, she was hugging the book, commenting how it is going to be a long night, and that she might just have to "call in sick" on Wednesday, either having spent the entire night up reading, or still reading the book by the time she was due to go in... I am quite curious to note when she finished the book (I have no doubt in my mind that now on Thursday in the afternoon she has finished it) and if she did take off a day to read it! A few of them knew I had read the book and were eager to talk a bit about it without spoiling anything for Stacy, so it was also a very interesting chat! The dinner was so-so, though I walked away considerably happier with my meal than some, but the dessert was much better... Would ya'lls believe I got carded for ice cream!?!?!?!! Yeah man!! whoohoo! I had ordered an ice cream cone of "Jack in the Box" which was chocolate ice cream mixed with Jack Daniels... not to bad either... I didn't buzz off of it, but my mom is always on my ass to try new things, so thereyago... plus its been a long time since I've been carded for anything, and I'm only 24!

whew, i've got loads of housework to do tonight and tomorrow, and not looking forward to any of it *pout* but its still another forty minutes or so before I get off work, so I can relish here in procrastination before delving in!
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