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project time! INPUT WANTED!!! *Look! Its a poll!! Come and vote!!*

okies, I shouldn't need to say this, but I really really want people's input here!! I want votes dammit! </emorant>

So, As some of you might have noticed, i've been working on updating my sidebar... I'm very proud of this side bar; it explains a good part of me that I just can't put in every journal entry, and I doubt most would read back past my first few posts, let alone go back 20 entries or so... and I have over 300 entries at this point... It is also supposed to be practical, with handy links to navigate my morning travels through cyberspace and the like, as well as some laid back advertising for my favorite sites. However, pending another project completion, I will be taking out most likely the international relations links listed under AMUN stchuffs which invariably takes up a lot of space... space isn't the problem, it can go as far down as my 20 entries, but I want something there that is either more indicative of me, or something of interest to everyone else... so I've got a few ideas of what to put up there, but also I want your input or creativity to add in!

Poll #532280 Sidebar Updates: July 2005

Have you ever used the international relations links on my sidebar? (Don't feel bad if you haven't, I didn't expect anyone to...)

heck yes! it's been a super help to my Model UN assignments!
um, no ;-)

Check what you might enjoy seeing up on my sidebar?

Current Movies (Seen, Wanting to see, etc) with maybe links to IMDB
Thumbnails of some of my favorite photos I've taken
Links to my LJ communities for people to visit (I don't think I will put up friends as many of you have friends-only journals)
Listing of favorites not already up (not just obsessions) like music, etc...

What in particular would you like to see not already listed out?

In addition, please feel more than free (yes this is a direct call for comments!) on anything related to my layout, and specifically my sidebar... I will also soon be going over my profile and adding more info to my bio section, or in my case, actually adding one in!
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