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its nearly 5pm, and I'm here at work attesting that I've done little of value today whatsoever... I started out with the best intentions sorting amateur press publications from convention materials in the last boxes I have yet to unpack, but curiosity got the best of me, and I read pleasantly for several hours one magazine in particular, Comic Relief: the month dealing with the end of Desert Storm and the LA Brutality... it was interesting from a political science major to see a plethora of editorial cartoons and comic strips dealing with several variables of the political events of 1991-early 1992, including the 91% popularity Bush Sr. had only months before Clinton took a landslide victory to the White House. Tomorrow I shall go through the "Calvin and Hobbes" pages of the magazine before continuing to sort again *hehe* Though I will defend my literary curiosity... one of the listed perks to being an archivist is being able to read the material... we all do it, and we plan it into our day... I just have much more fascinating material than most archivists have!!
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