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sometimes I amuse even myself...

while filing away a recent correspondence for AMUN in my "weapons-grade-size" AMUN binder (weapon-grade-size as in I could hurl it at someone and possibly kill them, it is that large) I opened up a previous newsletter and began to read... I suppose it doesn't yet count as nostalgic, as it was only from last december, but I got that humored tickled feeling when reading through "Six Questions" section where the six people are targeted to answer questions. I was one of the first targeted, as it was the first newsletter of the year, and I glanced over what I had answered... to my amusement, three of the six questions I thought I actually answered with some decent writing, the three I will share with you, because I have little better to do than retype newsletter articles!

1. So, who are you? What are you? Where are you? When are you? Why are you?
Sam: Who? Me. What? Person. Where? Here of course! When? Um, now? Why? I haven't a clue.

5. If you could be a fly on the wall, where would you like to be?
Sam: Anywhere when someone recieves good news, a "thinking of you note" or even a birthday e-card... I would love to see the look in somoene's face when that happens. *G*

6. In your other life (afterlife, parallel life, another life), you are...
Sam: Boy this is a loaded question! If I had a "parallel life" anywhere it would be in any number of my favorite books, and experiencing the worlds created where idealism rules hand in hand with chivalry, and good will ultimately triumph over evil... (bold section really brings warm fuzziness to my heart)

Actually, that sentence is probably one of the few i've strung together that I actually like looking back on it six months later... and I wouldn't change a thing about it either...

*is pleased with self for bolded sentence*
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