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yeah, artistic I'm not today, but I cleaned out some of my sidebar and navbar up top... about the features I've added/changed:
1. The Navbar up top now includes separation of communities and friends for easier browsing should I not be near my LJ for a long time and quicker searching. The link titled "Friends" refers to actual people, no communities, which is the most important group to keep up with of course!
2. My book list is a little more up to date, give or take a book or two I might have forgotten... naturally the "on the Waiting List" are my latest whims, and can change also on the whim...
3. my main website is now included under the "Contact Sam" listing, though it will be a long while before it is even close to being complete!
4. a few unnoticable changes, including link changes and redirections...

Still to do:
~pending the completion of the first portion of a side project of mine, I will delete out the MUN research links to the side, though what I will put to replace there if anything I have no clue yet.
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