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newly added friends...

gollygosh was it a surprise today to look at my profile to realize that not one, but three people had added me as a friend to their journal. The first, milanomuffy friended me earlier today and made me quite blush with her comment about my journal here. We originally met through the community booksarelove.

The second two though I was a bit surprised from, but I think I know where our paths have crossed, namely in communities (either un,appleworld, and/or sciencefiction)... Either way, welcome! It strokes my ego just a wee bit to know that someone else might be actually reading this journal, let alone realizing that what I have to say hasn't offended anyone off, but actually garnering another reader or two...

and lastly, I have neglected another recent friend, satellitesoul... Needless to say, I had to stay with Jenni for a full workweek to get her to sign up for one *hehe* but if nothing else, she now knows how I communicate to most people (via my LJ of course!)

so without further ado,
Welcome milanomuffy, ciaracat, cherryprmc, and satellitesoul!!!!
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