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morning post...

*not yet awake* you know its very awkward falling asleep to an audiobook... I found myself beginning to wonder if I had actually missed anything when I momentarily began to fall asleep, though contextually I learned each of a hundred times last night I missed no more than a second or two. I very regularly fall asleep to something playing in the background, usually the television (waking up to the kids song "Freddy have some Spagetti with me" is a little strange) or some odd playlist or the entire library from iTunes. But I've recently upped my "audiobook" time craving the need for something intellectual to stimulate my mind, but getting just awful migranes everytime I open up my current book, Moby Dick.
I'm about 3 and a half hours or so into Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card, the second book in the "Ender" Series beginning with Ender's Game. I recently finished Ender's Game last Sunday, though I have not taken six hours out of my day to listen to half the book in one sitting... though that would be very nice... *sigh*
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