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Okies... So I had a list of things to do today... do laundry... pack said laundry for trip... get sleep... do homework... Did any of it get done?? no! You know why? Because I spent the entire friggin day getting estimates to repair the "fucked" up car *and I mean literally fucked up, as its got fuck written on the driver side door! Anyways, I went to two different locations... and they told me that in order to repair my basically still new car *only a year old* that they have to take both the driver side doors off *as there were scratches on the back door as well* and detach the metal body from the interior in order to repaint it... this doesn't include having to take off the handle itself from the door, nor the molding or the pinstriping details on the car... then they repaint it and replace the molding altogether most likely and put new pinstriping on the car... and it will take three days to do!! WTF! We have to register our cars on campus, and um, we can't technically bring another car on campus unless we register it... and to top it all off, the estimates come to $700 US currency!!! Not for parts, but all for labor *gah* Fortunately I found out my $500 deductable is only for collision, and vandalism falls under "comprehensive" insurance, which is only a $50 deductable, unlike the Acura MDX we also have, which carries a $500 deductable. So we were very happy to have this happen to my beautiful Honda rather than my dad's Acura...
That aside... I also had to file a police report and the insurance claim today as well... *sigh* The insurance guy was really nice about it... though he took me for a loop when he said that the regional office for the maryland/dc/virginia area *the traditional boundaries for regional for us* was actually in Birmingham, Alabama!. At first I thought this Southern gentleman misunderstood me when I said BALTIMORE, given my somewhat yankee accent despite living in the heart of the Carolinas for four years, but alas, the region was Texas to Maryland... I had never imagined Alabama and Maryland as regional... they must have been using Antebellum "regions" separating slave states from free states... *actually, as I think about that, it does make sense in that Southern Way....*

Anyhoo, back to the Police report... So I finally get to the police station on campus... mind you I don't like this police department very much, as they couldn't even bring a battery jumper to the garage I was stranded at with a dead battery.... noooo I had to walk a mile across campus and up this steepass hill just to drag *and I mean drag* this seventy-five pound charger back when it could have just as easily been driving in a cop car over... My old campus police department was nice enough to do that in South Carolina... Anyhoo, I park right next to the police department and go in to make the report... despite four cops sitting right there in the station, they have to call in a dispatch unit to handle the report! WTF!!So I wait, and wait a little more... and then finally someone comes... but he was nice about it at least... I tell them what I can, and he writes down the information and everything... but then we have to wait some more for his sergeant to come and verify everything *no he wasn't a trainee*... actually I think my vandalism might have been the first report of the semester and everybody just had to come and see it... they're probably sharing the pictures of my car around the table with a round of drinks... So something they said would take five minutes when I called them the night before took over an hour... *sigh*
Then tonight I went braindead... got out of the house, away from the plaza, and just goofed off... went walmartin' like I haven't since the Carolinas *g* I was tickled pink to get a mini action figure of Eomer and Firefoot for my collection... now I must braid its hair and put it in pink bows, and I'll have my very own Butterfoot *g* Oh, and I thought I earned it, so I splurged and got a graphics tablet!! Woot! I figure I can start out with a small one and after I get used to how it works save up for a nice big one later...
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