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you know, making people wake up at the crack of dawn to be at an 8am staff meeting on a beautiful saturday morning is just WRONG!!! But, this will also be the first staff meeting I'll have shown up to since February... its not my fault I travel out of the state everytime they plan one! I might have planned "another" trip for this weekend if it wasn't the Harry Potter Release Staff Meeting... what I won't do for HP.... I even volunteered to work on Friday night to lead activities and keep the crowds entertained as a job just so I can be there at midnight and get my copy... then only about ten hours later I'll be in DC moving Matt out of his appartment on saturday (I'd be nuts if I actually considered working on Saturday, every and all bookstores will be a total disaster on saturday with all the kids and adults who didn't want to come at midnight to get their copies, not to mention the thousands of normal customers we get on saturday as it is... I couldn't not work on that sunday, but thankfully I also only work customer service, not checkout...
on other notes, eryncalen might be proud, I am 100% spoiler free right now as of today for HP6. I don't know the excerpt Rowling has released, and I don't know how many chapters, or the first one's title (as I'm assuming that was released by all the people on my friend's page listing what is and isn't spoilers *g*) or even how long it is... I just really hope for my sake its smaller than Order of the Phoenix... if its the same length or larger, I'll not sleep that weekend! *cries at thought* I give sleep up for very little, but HP is one of those things... I just really hope Rowling has in her head while she wrote it that Sam from MD has a busy weekend of July 16th and decided it would be nice to keep it short *hehe*
I'm sooo fecking going back to bed as soon as this meeting is over....
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