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Well, I've not updated in a while, but oh well...
in movie news, for those of you who know me in real life, most of my social life revolves going to darkened theatres and ignoring the person or persons I went with for two hours or so engrossed in even the silliest of movies... So Tuesday I saw Bewitched, which could have been better, but I also could not be more jealous of Nicole Kidman's hair... Wednesday night my mother and I went to the nine o'clock showing of War of the Worlds, which was interesting, but a bit to gory for me to take another round of tonight. To tease Justin and annoy him, I shall not give any more of a review. Yes, it was better than Episode III. Then Thursday Kevin pulled boyfriend duty and took me to see Herbie, which was cute, but Lindsay Lohan should not have used the cheesiest pink lipstick... how did a girl like that manage to survive college with the horrible makeup skills she practiced? Hell, I don't even wear makeup and I know better than to use that candyesque shade. Then I stayed at home Friday and most of saturday, heating pad to cover the eyes and headphones cancelling out all other noises, listening intently to an unabridged version of Ender's Game, which was an amazing reading, and a great story altogether. My parents dragged me out to see the Fireworks hosted at Anne Arundel Community College saturday night, so I didn't get to finish the book till tonight after work... but alas I have finished, and it was good... now I have about a week and a half to read all five HPs again before the release of HP6 at midnight on the 16th of July...
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