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Okies, so now Im pissed!!!! *grrrrr* this morning when I got to school today, like I said before, I had a little tiff about a parking spot... the last parking spot on all of campus *my sister will attest to that* well this asshole apparently was sooo early for his classes that he had time to key up my car!!! This asshole keyed "Fuck" above my driver side door. Having keyless remote, I didn't realize it at the time I left, but as I was at home and coming back for my evening class *which I'm listening to as we speak* and I saw it keyed... WTF!! Honestly... I have lost tiffs on parking all the time, that doesn't mean that I go and key up someone's car!! Is there no decency left... are people sooo bored with life that they take the time to do such a thing?? And of course the damages are sure to come under the deductable for my auto insurance. /rant...

Outside of that, today pretty much sucked... I left my cell phone and student ID at home this morning... mind you I specifically had placed both objects in my backpack last night in order "not" to forget them, but while I was adding more glass cleaning wipes to my backpack, I had both on my lap... I completely forgot to put them back away, and they fell to the ground as I stood up... So I leave at Eight AM to go to get a parking spot for an ELEVEN am class *but that aside* but without my student ID there is very little possibility of getting food on campus... So now its 6:30 PM, and I haven't eaten yet... I had half a diet coke, but when its calorie free, its not that filling, now is that... grrrrr... I had a meal card on campus, as my sister can pay for me on her card *like I did all last year, but as its all our parents money, no big deal* but since I didn't have my cell phone either, I didn't know her number to call... well, on my 2 hour break between class and my token of a job I walked through the Commons *our student union* and it was feckin packed... There was no way I could have found my sister if I even could have the stomach to be around all that food on a hungry stomach... MEH!

But as I am sitting in class, I found out that one asshole and one great guy are both in the class *both were in my classes Fall 2003 semester as well... * but I will come back to you alls on that based on after class discussion...
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