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Batman Begins

Well, outside of the bursting bladder syndrome, the movie was pretty good... Christian Bale did prove a decent Bruce Wayne, and I did agree well with Morgan Freeman's role in the film... the only big thing was that Afred was a bit fuller and filled out than the Alfred of the later films... even at his skinniest, Michael Caine could never be as gaunt as the Alfred we know from the older films. I refrain from giving anymore information, as I doubt most of you jumped at the chance to see it before tonight, and have yet to see it... I shall not be the one to spoil the movie for you *G*

As to last night, I went out to dinner with the amazing AMUN DC crowd... good times were had by all, despite a quick change of dinner location from a Mexian place to a real Mediterranean place (compared to many of the fake ones i've been to) Parking was a nightmare in the Dupont Circle area, but I managed to find a spot eight blocks away... oddly enough movies were the primary topic of the night, and only two of us (out of eight in the dinner party) had seen Episode III, though most of the rest expressed an interest to see it "eventually" and the upcoming Bewitched and War of the Worlds, both of which are on my "to-see" list...

I leave for Charlotte on Sunday, and have I packed anything whatsoever? of course not! But I guess its a positive that I never unpacked some stuff from Memorial Day, like my Toiletry case, so that part is packed! But I still ahve laundry, and sheets, and pakcing clothes! *geesh* all in one day....
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