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making progress

*whew* I have finally finished preliminary research on IGO's, finding official websites for 107 of them of the 189 on my list, though I know several are missing off the list, and I'm sure more than a few of the ones I don't have websites for no longer exist, like the Warsaw Treaty Organization, which I promptly deleted from the listing given that it dissolved in 1977.... Some will take more research to see if and when they died out or if they now are under other names... *sigh* my work is never done, but its something I volunteered myself to, as I'm the one who decided to create and undtertake this project that has quickly gotten much larger than I originally thought.... tomorrow's quest? Organizing the linked organizations by region and issue, and create two massive lists organized for each.... this project is going to be at least five webpages large!! (and thats not including the sillyness that passed through my head to write summaries of each IGO and member nations, linked to the listing as a separate "Summary Page"... I am so incredibly masochistic, and bored...)
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