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So I promised you a post about AMUN retreat, part two. A hundred other things have since entered my mind to add to this post, so I'm adding them in as well before I forget them *G*

These links will take you directly to the portion(s) you want to read if you're not up for huge long posts ;-)

AMUN Retreat, Part 2 | AMUN Slideshow: Captain Underpants saves AMUN | The Drive Back | Howe, Indiana | Vision Correction problems of late | Piercings | Layout Modification hopes

AMUN Retreat, Part 2

As I mentioned in my previous post about the AMUN retreat, "WOW" I had been highly looking forward to the time there, and I was not disappointed in the least. I'd been highly looking forward to meeting up with many many people since I left them in November at the end of conference. Fortunately, for the time being, I've had the AMUN DC crowd to spend loads and loads of time with, as well as a few visitors, including Brian and Carrie twice (March and May). If only all the visitors had actually shown up, it'd be even better *g* and less of an anxious wait on my part *yeah, I can give you shit about that still hehe* I had expected to see a few more than actually came, though according to others, the 30 or so number that came was actually a good turnout… Being a new return staffer, it was my first MD retreat, and thus did not know what to expect.
I last left you with the bowling game, which if you scroll down a bit, you'll remember I was held to the worst score I've had in ages!!! But despite the horrid bowling on the part of most (the general score was pretty low to begin with, though some of that can be attributed to beer and other alcoholic drinks… but for me it was just really really bad bowling) I certainly like to think most of the people had a blast, because I certainly did!

Sunday morning meetings started earlier than on Saturday, and I could note a visible tiredness in most. HG did some great cross training with ICJ and DS, and let me just say, Joe is soooo the right person to be DG of DS… I think he's going to get everything in shape and really working well for the conference, especially after I heard his workload. *Schwew* I was tickled pink when Tim suggested to Jamie Lynn to have a linked reference page for HG, which is a little project I had been working on totally on my own since about december. But now the idea has validity, because Tim also came up with it *whoohoo* it did lead to a discussion on the links list that I never planned on, as I said, it was a project for me just to waste time on and build up my competency for HG. But I do look forward to any imput Tim and/or Jamie Lynn might have to it, because my own flawed and incompetent knowledge on research can always use the help. (for a smaller version of the list I'm talking about, look about half way down my sidebar under AMUN links. In the afternoon, though rain threatened to cancel or significantly change our activity, we had a photo scavenger hunt to do down on the riverwalk in Naperville. Each team of staffers (with one EC member and at least one person with a digital camera) had to create a photo story, with a plot, and including at least 15 different shots, and all staff members had to be included in at least 4 of the photos. Our team was incredible. Justin headed up the team, with Ruben as probably the greatest guttermind to come around that side of Chicago, and the very imaginative Jamie Lynn and Mitzi. Our show, which is (or will be once I edit it in) was the rescue of AMUN (the letters of the metal refridgerator alphabet, not the organization) by the Pillar of the Community, Captain Underpants, from the evil Max (from the book "Where the Wild Things Are") While Max may not be evil in the book, he had a perfectly evil grin on his little face when we bought the two little stuffed characters, and he was just toooOOOooo perfect to be the bad guy. Later that evening, all the teams got back together to show off the slideshow after dinner, which was at BD's Mongolian BBQ. Dinner was an interesting show to watch the cooks cook it up, and their tee-shirts "We do it on the Grill" left much to the imagination of twentysomethings, thirtysomethings, and even those fortyandfiftysomethings with gutterminds. The Slideshows were hilarious. Most of them involved sordid love triangles and murders, or in Carrie's team, the hunt for good scotch. All were hilarious, and I'm sure very team building….

On a hilarious note, I managed to make Bridgeet laugh herself right out of her chair on Sunday when I asked if she and Dan were together. Little did I know that they had been married for three years. Call me naïve, but I didn't see the two of them together at all at Conference, as Bridgeet was handling protocol upstairs, and Dan was always downstairs working on technology matters. I noticed something I guess like Saturday night that made me think they might have been together. Fortunately, I'm not a total simpleton; she didn't take his last name, and like I said, they didn't see much of each other at Conference, at least around me *g*. The rest of the day, little things came up to remind us of that, like Dan getting the wrong door to their hotel room, leading to the "I knew it was a conspiracy!! I knew you weren't together!!" that just made her fall over in hysterical laughter in the hallway. She pulled me to the side as I was about to drive back to thank me for cheering up her and Dan's weekend, which made me tear up just ever so slightly at mile 85 inside Indiana when I reflected back on it. *bighugs to Dan and Bridgeet*

One last awkward note, I found it particularly odd that I was called a conservative driver this weekend, as it would be the one thing that is furthest from the thoughts of the people who ride with me here in MD. My mother does not believe me when I tell her that Allison called me a conservative driver at all. I may need to have allison call her to tell her that *G*. And so for now, this ends part two of my tale of AMUN Memorial Day retreat, with the sole exception of the slideshow below, and the drive home!

Slideshow: Captain Underpants Saves AMUN

Slideshow will be edited in after I return home and edit the pictures and post them online for the world to see… check back tonight…

Drive Back from Naperville

The drive back wasn't nearly as entertaining on the way up. Mind you my drive up included a very near hit with a freshly dead deer carcus, watching a triple tractor trailer pop a wheel and spout dust throughout my path of vision, and the excitement of not knowing where I was going when Rene told me to come to EO rather than the hotel! But though it was not entertaining, that also means that it was not a dangerous trip either, so thats a good thing *G* Night didn't fall till well after nine pm, which was good for me, as that put me in Pennyslvania by nightfall, and a lot closer to home than I could have been. Though Pennyslvania is also the windy territory and mountainous regions, so it had cliffs and tight turns, and double tractor trailers beaming their highbeams in my car telling me to go at least 95 in that 55 or 65 zone, which I was definately not comfortable with. I was very fortunate to have a few people to call or have them call me on the drive home, including calling Rene to save me from the boy band playlist I had just put on to keep me alert... But then about 1 am, I was only an hour from home, and I turned on some groovy goodness like 5th Dimension, The Four Tops, and Simon and Garfunkel. Since then i've been in a just groovy mood for my music... I'll admit, i'm not a hippie; I'm too much a conservative uptight bitch to ever be called so by anyone, but I did enjoy the music, especially at one in the morning *g* Mom was still up when I got home, but quickly shuffled off to bed, and with a very big dog at my side, I went to bed after updating here a bit, and getting pounced on IM. Needless to say, Cocoa never left my side, and hardly had a part of her body that wasn't contorted in some unnatural fashon to keep contact with her wayward sister and not to let her go again *G* As to the only real interesting event in the trip, i've given Howe, Indiana, its own section below....

Howe, Indiana

Vision Correction problems of late…


Layout Modification plans

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