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AMUN retreat, part one...

Today was pretty darned cool... I had the chance to sleep in today, as the first meeting was for only the director-generals and EC, neither of which I am, so I could stay and arrive at noon to the meeting location... so I slept in a bit, turned on my laptop, played some music, and read a bit in my current novel, "From the Earth to the Moon" by Jules Verne... nice relaxing morning *G* I finally hooked up with Joe this afternoon when I arrived and he got out of the first meeting, as well as my morning hug from Justin *weee*... oddly, between the two of them and Rene, they've become nearly more internet friends than AMUN people, because the last time I saw them was November, and since then its been icons and fonts that I associate with them... so it was really really good to get big hugs and spend time with everyone! Not nearly as many returning staff members came as I hoped, and there are still a few that owe me hugs *g* but this weekend at least i'll get a decent amount of 'em. The HG and CC/HG cross training meetings went very well as far as I could tell, and then for the evening activity, we went bowling... Great fun, but I was sadly at my worst game nearly ever... my final scores in both games barely totaled 100, which is really sad because normally i average about 120-130 after a round or two. I even had a streak of 4 back to back gutterballs that was the highlight o fthe second game *g*. But all in all loads of fun.... but Justin, he'll be the death of me, I know it now (yeah, i know you're reading this hehe)
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