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my drive through MD, Pennyslvania, Ohio, and especially Indiana to Chicago was definately an interesting trip.  Its a shame that Yahoo Maps doesn't note that the routes they suggest are toll roads, as I think yahoo managed to put me on every toll road possible.  But aside that, the drive was good.  I was tired about four hours in, having been listening to Emma on Book on CD, so after the first segment of the book, which was six hours and five minutes, and then after that, be glad you were not in the car with me, because i was singing my lungs out the rest of the way there... but the higlight *cough odd part really* of the trip was Indiana....  How messed up is Indiana?? on the Indiana toll road (rts. 80/90) it was eighty seven miles before i saw the first speed limit sign... 87 MILES!!!!  There I was, crusing at 73, hoping that it was low enough not to get stopped, but you could never know... and of course in the 160something miles in Indiana, they only had like ten exits, sometimes nearly 40 miles.  So at mile 110 on the highway, there was a huge deer carcus, freshly dead.  How do i know it was freshly dead?? well, a) the head was on the side of the road, whereas the main body was in the center of the left lane (so we know its dead) and b) the Ohioian car that hit the carcus (it did not cause the death, but it didn't swerve to miss it, and spewed fresh blood over my windshield... really gross...  so, I decide i'm going to be a good citizen, and call the police to let them know that there's at least a 500 pound deer carcus thats going to cause an accident.  So I call up Cingular Information, and they ask for the city and state... well, given that i was in a stretch of road taht was over 40 miles between exits, I had no clue what city i was going through, so I was spouting out any city name i can find on random signs hoping to find a state police unit there... I find two in two successive calls, only to have both police units having busy lines... finally aobut four times, i come across a city that the police department doesn't have chatty phone talkers, and finally make the report....
Secondly, and I saw this through Ohio and Indiana, but what the hell is this about triple tractor trailers?  Three huges swinging truck trailers all being run off one machine, racing each other down a two lane highway, preventing us smaller cars from passing them or even feeling comfortable aroud them!!  I thought two was bad, but seeing the triple trailers just scares the shit out of me...

alas, my battery is about to die, and so I sign off till tomorrow with more ranting... hopefully not on Indiana roads and triple tractor trailers of death!!1

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