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sometimes i have to really question people who work in the television industry. While waiting for this morning's Charmed to come on at nine am, TNT often has a preview sentence about the show coming up. The sentence for this morning's show was "Pru's attacked by a Warlock." No shit sherlock!! What kind of unique discription is that? I dare anyone to give me a season where the sister's aren't attacked by warlocks in at least three different episodes!! How is that supposed to be any kind of description. Its about as informative as "Piper is attacked by a Demon" *rolls eyes* And it didn't stop with Charmed either. The two different descriptions for ER following were just as uninformative as it gets. And its not that its impossible to accurately describe an episode in a sentence so that fans know which episode it is, nor is it something that they can't do without giving away the climax of the show... but honestly, they could have done a much better job writing that one sentence per episode. Whoever wrote the blurb in my own opinion did not deserve the 37cents he earned doing it *because it only took him about a minute and a half to write it!)
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