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exhausted... and its all joe's fault

well it is!!! He threatened to cut me off entirely via IM even if I did not update my DeadJournal Account despite the fact I told him I wasn't up for updating it until it had a new theme and layout... so I stayed up and pulled together something at least half decent for now so i can update, as well as downloading yet another journaling client, but one that would allow me to log into DJ instead of only LJ (which btw, isn't easy to do even on a windows machine, let alone the mac.... I had Deepest Sender as part of Firefox when I had Windows, but between the time I downloaded Firefox on the Windows machine and the time i got the mac, Firefox had upgraded its software too quickly, and discontinued the availability for Deepest Sender. The product is still out there, but I couldn't get it to load even on my parent's PC *ah well* they'll just have to catch up to Firefox then...
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