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*happehness sigh*

OHMYFREAKINGOODNESS!!! I finally found the one CD that I have been looking for in vain since my days as a 14 year old, and stepped up into interstate searching for the past seven years!!!! For those of you geeky enough to remember the Best of the Best Movie (link will be inserted momentarily when i access IMDB) with Eric Roberts and Chris Penn, its the soundtrack to that film, with that wildly cool eighties rock that they are constantly working out to. I have loved, loved, I repeat LOVED!! that movie since i first saw it back in like the seventh grade, and at the end of the video, they actually have the music video to the title song, Best of the Best!!! *huggles CD* more on the incompetent people at FYE who couldn't help me find it in a very soon post...
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