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yeah, i've got a big rant coming, but i'm not up to writing it right now... topics include:
1. UMBC MUN class (previous entry on it privated and will be frankensteined with more correct info after I've totally had a chance to put my thoughts in order)
2. Finding out I've been essentially kicked off the MUN team at UMBC by SGA (not the team) because I'm a graduate student (SGA has forbidden MUN from using SGA funds to help the team go to conferences when it includes graduate students, of which I'm the only one) Of course I can always stay behind the scenes, coaching and fundraising and such, but any chance of ever participating in a collegiate conference as a delegate has officially past. Though I even considered myself a "retiree" from participation as a delegate after NMUN a year ago, I never thought that I'd never have the chance to go back. Though what pisses me off more is the SGA right now, the fact that graduate students don't have a vote or say in the school governing system, and that we've been classified as second-class citizens of sorts, not worthy to participate in extra-curricular activites, to be part of the UMBC community. Well, guess what... part of the reason I wanted to continue in school was to be part of that community, and MUN has been a big part of my tolerance of UMBC. As a graduate student, I should have the right to do more than just go to class and back home. I should have the same rights as undergrads to fulfil my free time with engaging activities and learning experience outside of the two or three classes a semester I take....*is steaming, and this isn't even the full, thoughtout rant*
3. Books A Million and the disaster the store is in as of May 1st, and probably most of the week
4. feckin allergies messing up my entire body
5. more ranting on UMBC MUN crap
6. Mac OS 10.4 Tiger coolness
7. probably some more on UMBC MUN
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