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A testimonial!!!

To the vagrant disregard to the respect of me!! Tonight I was the victim of aggregious assault by my sister... My younger sister of all people! the one who is supposed to look up to me and respect!!! What does she do?? she instigates permanent marker massacres... she calls them wars, but when it is a battle between an armed and an unarmed person, its not a war, its a massacre... she even goes out of her way to sneak up and begin the attack subversively. Well tonight she changed her weapon of choice, from normal felt permanent markers to metal point permanent marker pens with sharpass tips. Well the first attack came and she came at me, while i'm online in the dark, and scratches the hell out of my arm. Then, realizing defeat, she retreats for a few minutes only to renew her attack, this time trying to "draw flowers" on my face... drawing my ass... it was more like direct slasher action!! She punctured my cheek, and then a few minutes later, when she realized that I was bleeding profusely and streaming down my cheek towards my chin *AND* back to my ear, she decided to stop... I've probably gotten ink in the wound and it will get infected... *psshht*
Well then, if i'm not a nice sister, I don't know who is... I take her to Blockbuster and rent her a movie and then took her to dunkin donuts and bought her a coffee and some munchkins... and how does she repay me on the way back you ask??? Well, first, she tries to drip left over diet root beer over me, and then begins slapping my arm repeatedly... then she goes for the head!! *all while driving mind you* well then, she goes for the perfect score... while shouting out "exorcise the demons" in which she CLAIMS to slightly tap my temple, she gives it a resounding *SLAP!* right on my left side... its a good thing I work with the right side of my brain, otherwise I'd be in serious trouble! so now my cheek and my head hurts *pouts*
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