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at least someone has good news...

its really sad I don't talk more to my friends at Winthrop... once I graduated and moved back home I've relaped into my recluse ways, talking ever less and less to people. One person I talked to at least a thousand times a day was Joe... Joe is just too cool of a person... his daring nerve to wake me up at three in the morning to buy him alchohol the night before we have a National Security Test, wearing his communist red t-shirt for my last photo with him, running over my toes and into my shins with his very very painful motorized wheelchair, and then popping wheelies and speeding ahead of me to White Horse for us to drink some more... We really became close when we both took the Model UN class at Winthrop. I was Lady United States, he was Senor Spain. Just to make the class a little more exciting, I researched old US treaties to find one going with France to war with Spain... it was tooOOoo much fun that semester. Our love for international politics (and his love for radical socialism) kept us involved with the Model UN program after we finished the class. We joined the Secretariat together, co-chaired with each other in practices, and then played pratical jokes on the high schoolers attending our conference when Senegambia invaded Djbouti. Of the secretariat, not everybody was as involved as Joe or I was, and though I graduated that year, Joe still had several years to go in school given his myriad of disabilities. Unforunately this past year he only logged on AIM whenever he was drunk, and though it did produce two proposals by him for marriage, our communication died down considerably... I really really miss living three floors above him...
Anyhoo, the good news... Joe's hard work with the Winthrop Model UN finally paid off, and he was hired as this upcoming year's Secretary General, which is a big deal, and a paying job from the college. The past several years the people hired for the three paid MUN positions were hired out of popularity, not necessarily who was the best qualified. The year I left there was some contention over the Secretary General's position. but Joe above sooo many totally earned this position, and my heart is tickled with happiness to see someone really recieve what they deserve *g* Congratulations Joe *smooches*
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