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Because everybody should read this travesty and spread it around. Whoever thought of the idea that a Human Rights Commission can honestly run when all the members are of one social class and race is either ideologically deluded to the point of incompetence or living in the Jim Crow Era with the rascist belief that Plessy v. Ferguson's rule "Separate but Equal" is actually possible. The decision of Governor Douglas, or as politics usually runs, those in his executive advising committee, is not flawed in who he decided to put on the Committee, as I'm sure Ms. Prentice has many fine qualities, but he is flawed in the decision to remove someone who can bring a more balanced perspective. Five white upper-middle class people, no matter how idealistic, can not understand what it is to be Black, Asian, Hispanic, living in poverty, trying to make their $5.15 an hour stretch in ways most middle-class citizens could never imagine. And chances are if they believe themselves idealistic enough to be empathetic to those unlike themselves, especially when they come before the board seeking that understanding to correct the injustices they have recieved by an imperfect society, chances are they are too idealistic to be realistic about the strains of racism and discriminiation that still exist in this world. I'm not saying they would always vote with race or class loyalties, but their idealistic attitudes would hinder the understanding that not everyone is as non-discriminatory as themselves... Mind you for those who don't know me in person, I am neither Black, Asian, nor Hispanic, and I've never lived in any economic situation than one of upper middle class. But I have in my day seen atrocious attitudes of bigots and racists, and even in my minority of a catholic young woman, felt discrimination, though certainly not in the agrieveous manner as many others have still felt in the past and today. But I'm babbling and i'm sure i'm not sure where i'm going with it anymore... not to mention the enormous amount of times i used the word idealistic....

Anyway, here is the article: This comes from supertrink who's father is Kevin Christie, the man removed from the Human Rights Committee of Vermont. *sigh*
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