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well as soon as I got to work today, I was hit by the worst cramps i've had in a while... I was doubled over half the time or camping out in the ladies room until finally at my break I went over to the dollar store and thank goodness they had my excederin... it worked till the end of the shift, but despite my dosage, the cramps came back while I was at a movie with my sister and my mother *meh* Speaking of work, I feel really bad for Henry who is opening manager tomorrow... the store is a disaster area... *sigh*
Well, after my shift, my mother and sister met me for a movie next door and dinner... *had yummy fettuccini alfredo, a favorite* and we went to go see the Interpreter, with Nicole Kidman... It was interesting, and very idealistic of the UN, which as most of you know, I fully agree with *G* right off the bat, the scene was set in Matobo, which is a made up African Country, but with a very similar history and political problems as much of West, East, and Central Africa suffers. Though personally it was a good idea to make up a new country rather than name a real one with different problems, I was hit with an odd miscalculation on the part of the producers of the movie... and mind you their research on the UN was actually pretty good... but it was just one thing... even after the creation of Matobo and making it a member of the UN, they still listed 191 nations as members. For those of you who aren't familiar with the UN, there are actually 191 countries in the UN presently, with Switzerland and Timor-Leste admitted in 2002 most recently. So it makes me wonder, which country did they kick out in order to keep the 191 nations? Was it Switzerland or Timor-Leste, or did they like combine The Gambia and Senegal? Its a useless question, I know, but it still makes me wonder, given how good the research was otherwise!
*sigh* i'm off to go work on getting rid of these crippling cramps *cries*
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