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*whew* busy weekend!! I ended up pulling in an extra shift at Books a Million because Nanci couldn't get off to go to a funeral, thanks to our manager, D... so after work, I went out with the closing staff to TGIFridays to spend two hours plotting D's execution... Its a real shame, because honestly she's at the point she makes or breaks the evening... we celebrate when its a DFN, D Free Night, or DFW, D Free Weekend, and she singlehandely destroys any morale in the store... Just the situation with Nanci is bad enough... she actually fired Nanci two weeks ago for leaving a shift that Nanci had requested off earlier to another manager! though apparently once the district manager got word of it, he must have rehired her. So then, this weekend she had to drive down south for a family funeral, and D refused to give her the weekend off. Come on!! No one can plan when a family member dies, let alone make a request for time off three weeks early (which is how long we have to plan ahead of time) Going out for drinks with everyone was actually a pretty cool time. *go me and a social life!* And then today, today was a total social success! Myra held a Porn BBQ event this evening, and it was fabulous!! the food was decent, and the porn sucked, but the conversation was great, and I got to see some of the folks from the George Mason MUN team I worked with when I volunteered to help for the Mason MUN conference in March, as well as my ever cool AMUN folk, including Myra, Paul, Chandra, Heather, and YuHua... this weekend I've had as much a social life as I can expect in the next month... go me!

Oh, and since I'm sure you read this Aeo, I've added you to my AIM
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