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last few days....

well, these past few days were a bit hectic.... sunday morning I went and helped MB move into her new appartment with most of the AMUN staff in the area... ended up not working at BAM, which is a good thing, because allergies were killer, and had a nice perty nosebleed... I really don't think they'd like me bleeding over their books and all... it would make it a bit difficult to sell afterwards... and then monday... well, I was in the shower and getting ready for work, when all of a sudden the hand-held showerhead (you know, the ones with the long tube that you can move the shower head) broke at the spicket, and it just started spurting out massive amounts of water!! Unfortunately, I was in the middle of shaving and had a huge handful of conditioner in my hair when the shower was no longer usable at all, so I quickly nicked myself up dry shaving and managed to run over to the other bathroom to rinse out my hair.... sheesh... so then I called out of work here at the University so that I could handle the little plumbing problem, which of course I didn't fix until nine that night... but I went out and bought the showerhead at three, so there was a valid reason for me missing work *guilty look* speaking of shopping, I've also just purchased three new planters and seeds... the first planter is a rectangular planter which I'm going to grow my own grass... if it turns out the way I want it to, then while it sits in my room, I can cut them with scissors or something similar and get that freshly cut grass smell I <3 <3 <3 soooo much. I also purchased some Sweet Pea and carnation seeds, and hopefully they too will grow...

so now I'm sitting at work, without a thing to do, all but one of my bosses out of the office, and the last off doing his thing, leaving me to my own boredom.... I really should do some schoolwork while I have this time... I should... (that doesn't mean I will once I finish this post...)
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