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Fuck Dell!!!

Yeah, so I finally installed the new harddrive into the dead shell that was arnie, only for it not to read!! So I call the incompetent people at dell, and of course they couldn't do anything for me, though the second person actually spoke english, so i guess its a step in the right direction. Well, the first incompetent person did nothing to help whatsoever, other than, making me hold down the space bar and was convinced that something was going to happen, even after half an hour of holding it. Come on!! I may not have a degree in computers, but even I know nothing is going to happen, and for you to waste my time holding space bars and repetitively inserting and taking out harddrives and cd rom drives aren't going to do anything... two times maybe something different will happen, but fifteen times of the same thing?? isn't the definition of idiocy repeating the same actions but expecting different results? And then, out of no where, or perhaps the person knew she couldn't help, she deliberately hung up on me!! WTF?? Is this in the manual or something?? "If you prove yourself to be an idiot, hang up on the customer rather than make the company look bad... if anything, we can blame it on the phone company." I'm convinced at this point that this sentence is on the first page of their fucking manuals that they are always putting me on hold for to go look at!!! So I call them back, and wait my forty minutes on hold, and get the second lady, who also repeated me through the same steps, until I politely inform her that I've been doing he same actions now for three hours... then she's like, well, we'll just replace the cdrom drive. So now they're sending me a new harddrive... but she gave me the option of which company I want... I don't care which company, as long as its something that works!!! Fuck!! I had to go out and buy a new laptop because of your incompetence to get anything handled in the first place!! Victor is going to be used solely for backup purposes and windows only applications I can't use on the Mac... So then, I request a transfer to the supervisor... now in my extensive experience with dell support, this is actually where I get the most hangups, assuming i've made it this far through the call. But no! I was surprised, I actually had someone who called themselves a supervisor... now, he's probably just the next joeschmoe over, but, at least it was someone, and not the operator voice saying 'you're such an idiot if you don't know how to dial a number... aka if you'd like to make a call, please hang up and dial the phone number' So I immediately ask for his supervisor. I figure going up the chain of command might actually help fix the problem and the aggregious manner in which I have been dealt with, rather than having people shrug it off... annoy the higher ups, and they'll do anything to prevent another annoying phone call... though in most cases it most likely will be just another order to hang up on customers. FUCK DELL!! I definately know now they are soooo never seeing another penny from me again!!! And mind you, in light of the bad service and the horrible review I sent them in their survey, they sent me a $25 coupon, of which I had to spend $50 or more in order to redeem.... Hello!! such a bad ploy!!
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