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the quick and the short about clacton... well, it was simply gorgeous... neat little seaside town, old nineteen thirties pier, which isn't all that great, but every seaside town must have one apparently *g* We got to the station at about 11:30, and settled into our hotel, and I finally met up with Naith about one pm. We walked, talked, he bought me a book, Popcorn by Ben Elton i believe, and actually read me his favorite part in a couple different voices *that would be the actor in him* had a bite to eat, and he showed me where he lived even! He had previous engagements that evening, so he walked me back to my hotel by seven *true gentleman*
on thursday, we met up at 10:30, and continued to walk all over the place, including stopping back at his place a few times throughout the day. by far though the largest part of our day was making the trip by cab to a shopping village on the other side of town, quickly realizing they only had clothes and furnature shops, and the walk back. We walked about 2 and a half miles back to the coast, passing by all the places he grew up in, including seeing his parent's house and his elementary school, and passing by all of his previous appartments... very interesting walk, and i'm still convinced its a quaint lovely little town... the only flaw I could see is that everything closes down by 8, which is just a total killer...
For those of you who know or know of Naith, he's just a total sweetheart!! we had loads of good conversation, and he was never without topic to talk! I can't think of a single point where we didn't have something to talk about over the approximate 15 hours I had in clacton with him. It really was a great visit, and kinda look forward to planning another trip... though this time, i think i might make it like a long weekend and just go out to the coast perhaps....

*sigh* more later... am currently on the bank of the Thames, and won't get a chance to catch up any time until tomorrow!
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