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(Crossposted to my deadjournal account just for Joe!!)

Okay, well, while waiting for my mother's appointment over at the fracture and orthopedic clinic over at the hospital, I had some opportunity to come here and edit pictures that I took yesterday at the british museum.  All the pictures here are from the Egypt and Assyrian section, as it was the section my mom really wanted to see.  I know a couple of you on my friends list are also big on Egypt *coughcoughheliwood*</span> so I show off my photography for you!

scarab beetle for all of you who've seen the Mummy too many times...

Egyptian Sarcofocus *pardon the spelling*

Egyptian Lions

While also at the British Museum, they were showing off a custom built piece, the "Tree of Life" created from weapons handed in from the violence in Africa. The tree and the creatures around it are made solely from the weapons handed in. The first image is of the tree itself, and the second is of the turtle at the far edge. It is in the turtle that the most visible parts of the guns used are seen, the bullet holders *their term is on the tip of my tongue, and for the life of me, I can't think of it* bullet clips is the word! and his legs are made from triggers *at least the front ones*

While sitting at a local coffeeshop/restaurant, my mother and I also noticed a wee birdie just enjoying himself way too much by jumping from letter to letter on the Blackwell's Book Store front sign. We watched as he made his way from the K all the way to the S in almost a Woodstockesque manner, and it was just too funny not to catch on film. The picture below was from when he was on the apostrophe, probably his hardest jump *along with the center of the W*

I'll update more as I find the time, or as the time is delivered to me to edit more, or else it'll just wait until after I return home!

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