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more from london!

Well, mom's doing well... she's not quite used to being a forced leftie yet, but I might still have time to convert!! By the time we got to the hotel, I was pooped, and took a three hour nap... then mom and I took the tube to Picadilly and walked from the Circus to Covent Garden and back... while at Covent Garden, we came across an adorable street show with this guy who was on this huge unicycle... so I popped out my camera and took about 44 pictures... mind you not all of them will come out, but I think I got a couple good ones *yay for me!*I'm trying to see if I can download all my pictures to my webserver, and maybe crop some of them for later... if I can't, you'alls will just have to wait for monday! But seriously, the reason I brought the camera was to catch the city in film, and tonight was just perfect for that I think... that street show isn't something you can plan in, but it is at the heart of any city... *am pleased with myself!*

will post pictures tonight if everything works out correctly!
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