Samantha, just Samantha (samantilles) wrote,
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*sigh* (and yes, I do use this title a lot for many of my entries... so sue me!)

well, i've got about 12 hours before I leave for the airport, and about 16 hours till I depart *whoohoo* I think I'm pretty well packed, though I know now I'm bound to forget something... reminder to self, find umbrella! I'm up right now doing a teeth whitening process, just so that I have the pearly whites for london!
brb, have to add in everything
Cocoa also knows somethings happening... she's been brooding all day since I pulled out the suitcases... and to top it off Kat isn't home tonight, so she's gone totally paranoid... afterall, three of her family *out of four* are leaving her for a week... mom and I to london, and kat to the Shenandoah. poor cocoa....

*sigh* the whitening is getting to my sensitive teeth *owch*
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