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Arnie Came Home

well, the remains of Arnie came home today in an external harddrive, and the data recovery center was able to recover all the files, at least as far as I can tell. In honor of Arnie, I've gone and named the harddrive Arnie, and the other external harddrive I have will be Milton.

Current List of electronics names:
Mac Laptop: Walter
iPod: Wilson
PC Laptop (rebuilt): Viktor
Harddrive from Data Recovery: Arnie
External Harddrive: Milton
Don't ask me why I've chosen these names, they more or less just came to me. Milton is from Office Space, Viktor is from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Wilson and Walter are just cute names, and I've had the name Arnie for about nine months now, and am in love with it.

I still have to look to see that the brush presets are working in Photoshop, but otherwise, I've got all my music, all my pictures returned to me. So I updated my IPOD, and now I have 1810 songs on it. I've still got to go back and change around some of the song info so that it fits my organization system better, but its getting there. But if nothing else, I've got all the music I need to last me through London. Class is boring as ever, *sigh* but ah well... am home all day tomorrow to do laundry and do a final packing, though who else is packing is yet to be determined...

Went shopping last night to get the necessary toiletries, and a bag... I thought I went a little overboard with the toiletry bag, but as it turns out, i really didn't... I'm apparently a very high maintenence girl... included was three shampoos, one to strip the hair, one for dandruff/dry scalp, and one for moisterizing. That doesn't include the conditioner. so right there four bottles. Then add in mousse and anti-frizz creme since I won't have my heat styling instruments, and then add in a facial deep cleanser and an astringent, and a blemish coverup, sunscreen stick *since I burn easily* toothbrush and toothpaste, flosser, soap and loofah, excederin and afrin, tissues and travel toilet paper and seat covers *you wouldn't believe how often i've gone into public toilets without toilet seat covers or toilet paper *eeeew* and hair barettes/bands/claws and a hairbrush. At this point my mother shouldn't need to bring anything except her own toothbrush and loofah. *sigh* its a hefty thing, but i'll pass for decent while on the streets.

*goes on ranting to self about packing list...*

but on a lighter note, I also picked up the CUTEST!! ipod holder ever. Its literally a little backpack that is jsut big enough to hold the ipod, earbuds, dock and wire. Its about big enough to be for porcelain dolls *too big for barbies, but not big enough for larger plush* but it literally is just perfect for the ipod and protect it. Its also attachable to the camera bag, so that I don't have to worry about losing it. Technically the backpack is considered a small camera bag in and of itself, but using it for the ipod is just toooOOOooo perfect... *am in love with it* and its yellow!! I'll edit a picture in here later.
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