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well, the London trip is kind of in the air as to who might go with me, but more on that later... some superficial stuff for ya'lls...

Firstly, I went to walmart today to find to my delight an Eowyn action figure. Mind you I already owned a Dernhelm/Eowyn action figure, but this one is actually in a dress!! And then I found a Boromir one, but not the one from the Fellowship. This Boromir action figure was from the flashback when he retook Osgiliath, so he's in the flashy Gondorian Armor and all... Now if only I can find a single Faramir action figure, i'd be happy!! But two was not the number I purchased, for I purchased three... They also had Lord Elrond of all people as an action figure!! Given my odd choices of who to buy and not, I just had to add him to my collection. That brings my odd collection to: Fellowship Boromir, Gondorian Boromir from Osgiliath, Strider, King Elessar, Eowyn and Dernhelm, Third Marshal Eomer, Eomer King, and Lord Elrond. All I need to finish my collection is Theoden King and Faramir, though I won't mind owning a Gimli, a Denethor, and an Arwen... though if I find an Elrohir and Elladan, they're mine!!

I also finally shopped for some DVDs, getting Bambi, the Incredibles, and Its the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown!. All three were on my definitive purchase list, so i got them out of the way... but looking through the package of Bambi, it turns out they'll be making a Bambi 2, about how the father, The Great Prince of the Forest, now has to raise Bambi... *oddlooks at Disney* you know, they didn't touch the movie for 63 years, wonder why they wanted to do it now... but they are releasing Cinderella back onto DVD, so all's good *g*
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