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well, I meant to update on friday, but didn't get home till after midnight, and I meant to update on saturday, but i'm just now getting to it at 2:30 in the morning...

Anyhoo, friday night's dinner went well. I only had a little problem trying to find parking in old town Alexandria, and I risked getting a ticket by parking in 2 hour parking for about three and a half hours *g*. But dinner was great. Got to meet up with Chandra and Paul for the third time this week, Heather, Myra, Chris, and Stacy for the second time this week, and Eileen, Adam, Ryan and Christie, and of course the guests du jour, Brian and Carrie. As I was paranoidally early, naturally I got my choice of seats, and for the first time, actually worked out decently well... I usually find myself with at least one empty seat next to me, and that was the last thing I wanted this time around... the food was decent enough, and the discussions were even better. I found myself a little out of the Chandra/Heather conversation, as I think they just weren't talking loud enough for me to hear (despite them sitting directly to my left), and I wasn't about to tell them to speak up... we were boisterious enough as it was *which is the way it should be *G*. All in all a good night, and AMUN events are always something I look forward for, just not the drive back... at midnight, it still took me 45 minutes for me to make it home.

suddenly i'm forgetting what I did today.... oh, my family actually had an actual 'family meal' for lunch at Panera's, and for no good reason... we figure the next time that happens will be about three and a half years from now. ah well... My mother and I also went to go see "the Pacifier" with Vin Diesel. Despite the fact that it bombed in the theatres and by the critics, I thought it was adorable!! it is definately a movie I can watch over and over again. There was only one problem with the movie... they took my beloved Chris Potter, made him hold his gun with his right hand *mind you he's a leftie* and he had to be, well, if I told you that, i'd give away the movie... but dude!! they made him be a rightie... such an insult to us lefties... but he's still adorable, and he will always be Peter Caine to me, leftie and all *G*...

*sigh* i've got the snoring dog tonight with me, hopefully she won't try to suffocate me tonight by resting her arm over my trachea and then smothering my face... I guess you'll just have to see if there's an entry tomorrow...
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