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Well, today I got my import copy of the Love Actually Soundtrack. I first put it into my stereo while getting ready, and at first, I thought that the song I bought it for, the PM Love Theme by Craig Armstrong, was weakly played. At least it wasn't how I had listened to it in the movie. I was a bit disappointed, but ah well... but then I also put it on in the car, and it was sooo much better... maybe because it was a lot louder and I could hear the underlying accompanying instruments, but it was a lot better. The one thing I was kinda hoping they had was the layover of the electric guitar from the "If you really love Christmas" song, like when you hear it as the little boy Sam is running through the airport and the airport staff is distracted by the music video *because Billy Mack is singing it naked* Anyhoo, my little rant on that one... the Glasgow Love Theme on the LA Soundtrack was also better in my opinion than on Craig Armstrong's CD "Piano Works" but then again its because Piano Works are just a single pianist playing, and the Love Actually Soundtrack has accompanying instruments also coming out of it.
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