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silly macromedia...

right now i'm a little iffy on them... I called mid yesterday afternoon, I get hung up on and had to leave a message, saying that they would call me back... they didn't.... called again about midnight, was informed that my message was waiting to be returned at 5am EST *WTF is with that anyways* so stay online till about four, fall asleep for an hour, and get up at five to wait for the phone call... none... I called again at 10:30, had to leave another message.... will they call back? I don't think so.
so, I got onto the macromedia website and got just the generic customer service line... fanangled through the menus and finally hit a real person. *yay!* He stated that he can pull some strings and do a one time switch for my serial number from PC to mac, give the people an hour and a half, and they'll get it worked out. Great...
I bet ya now they'll call once I've installed the system correctly... yeah... this time I got a person, got a response, and even given a customer ID number. hohum...
Oh, and the problem? I couldn't install my macromedia studio on my mac because I had previously done it on a windows machine. The serial number didn't work. I didn't have this problem with any other software I purchased and was able to move over!
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