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*sigh* been a long long day... beginning four days of physical hell, cramps, soreness, and, well, ladies you know whats going on.... meh... to top that off, I had to prepare to lead the class for tonight... fortunately it was my cyberspace and new media class... unfortunately, I still wasn't totally prepared... fortunately my partner Jim, who is my total opposite... he won't touch a computer if he doesn't have to *g* read what I hadn't, and I read what he hadn't, so it worked out... we were also the first to lead a discussion this semester, so we set the pace and we also had nothing to go on... *meh* but on the upside again, Professor Bramucci had also heard the saga about my computer dying over the weekend, so she didn't expect me to be prepared *g*... she knows my addiction.... Still suffering, not just out of mourning, but because I don't have my own computer right now, my whole system is just out of whack... my schedule is off, my comfort level in front of this PC is very low, and i'm not in contact with my friends as much because I'm not physically in front of a computer as much *cries* I need my settings, and familiarity, and my time where I'm not being watched by everyone else, who are looking over my shoulder, wondering what i'm laughing at, or what i'm doing... I've got a very nosy family, especially my dog.... but thats a different type of nosy *g*. I want my new computer so I can get used to it and get it functional to internet and basic school work before I leave for london in 16 days, and get back into the groove just a bit. And dammit!! I want a decent conversation with Crystal!!! its been a couple weeks since iv'e had more than a few minutes!! and I need a damn heating pad for this back cramp *pouts*
mom and dad are staying home tomorrow, which really isn't a good thing, as it takes away from my computer time *since its their computer, and they'll want it... but MASUN begins tomorrow! Three days of hectic overstressed work!! I'm really psyched about it! *no that's not sarcasm, i'm genuinely excited for this weekend, as its my first real MUNning since the awesome time I had at AMUN in november. Plus I get to spend three days with the evercool Chandra... whoohoo!

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